10 Kitchen Gadgets for the Ultimate Star Wars Fan

May the force be with you…in the kitchen! To make sure this happens, we have rounded up some Star Wars-themed kitchen gadgets. And lucky you, these items are not located in a galaxy far, far away—you can totally just get them online.

1. Stormtrooper Silicone Oven Mitt, $13.99

Hot bakeware doesn’t stand a chance with this thing.

Stormtrooper Oven Mitt | Image from Amazon

2. R2-D2 Cutting Board, $9.79

Slice and dice the R2-D2 way.

R2-D2 Cutting Board | Image from Amazon

3. Death Star Kitchen Timer, $17.99

Who would ever want a kitchen timer that doesn’t emit a green superlaser when time is up?

Death Star Kitchen Timer | Image from Amazon

4. Clean/Dirty Dishwasher Magnets, $7.49

For anyone who might be confused by dishwasher magnets that read as proper English.

5. Death Star Wood Cutting Board$20.52

A wood cutting board in the shape of a Death Star. Because, of course!

Wood Death Star Cutting Board | Image from Amazon

6. Darth Vader Apron, $24.99

If you’re going to have a kitchen full of Star Wars gadgets, you’d best dress the part.

Darth Vader Apron | Image from Amazon

7. Millenium Falcon Bottle Opener, $5.14

This bottle opener is really out of this world.

Millenium Falcon Bottle Opener | Image from Amazon

8. Lightsaber Spatula, $19.99

Flipping pancakes will be serious business with this next-level spatula.

Lightsaber Spatula | Image from Amazon

9. Silicone Molds, $13.99

These silicone trays can be used to make ice, candy, and even soap!

Silicon Molds | Image from Amazon

10. Darth Vader Waffle Maker, $39.99

We saved the best for last…these have to make pretty much the best waffles ever.

Darth Vader Waffle Maker | Image from Amazon

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