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12 Easy Boozy Frozen Treats

When the weather heats up, hit up your blender to create delicious tipsy treats. Check out our mouth-watering image gallery, and find all of the recipes, inspiration, and tips and tricks you need below.


1. Ready to fire up the blender? Frozen sangria slushes are just a puree away.

Sangria Slush

Berrylicious Frozen Sangria Slush | Photo by Vanessa Greaves


2. Keep a slush fund of frozen fruit popsicles on hand and you'll never be caught without mixer; our easy cocktail hack creates delicious one-minute margaritas.

Popsicle in a glass

Popsicles are an awesome sub for traditional mixers in this cocktail hack. Photo by Leslie Kelly


3. Sweet, spicy, and cool Fireball horchata pops are made with cinnamon whiskey and cayenne for a popsicle that bites back.

Fireball horchata pops photo by MattAlan

Fireball Horchata Pops | Photo by Matt Wencl


4. This classic strawberry margarita is as close to perfect as they get, with a 5-star rating (and a little frozen limeade).

234705_Ultimate Frozen Strawberry Margarita_Photo by Tricia Winterle Jaeger

Photo by Tricia Winterle Jaeger


5. Should you serve beer margaritas at your next barbecue? Only if you want a bunch of new best friends.

Beer Margaritas

Photo by docswife


6. The patriotic perfection of Chef John's red, white, and booze ice pops includes berries, cheesecake, and vodka, natch.

Red, white, and booze ice pops by Chef John

6. A smidge of vodka makes berry cheesecake ice pops zing


7. Give your blender a break with these 6 make-ahead frozen drinks from your ice-cream machine (hint: whiskey sour slushy!).

Wine Slushies With Ice Cream Maker

Photo by Vanessa Greaves

Get all fancy with these tips and tricks for sweet and savory garnishes, frostings, and layers. You can even light your drink on fire.


You're going to want to try these grown-up slushies.

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