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12 Prettiest Picture-Perfect Pies for Your Picnic

One of the best parts of a picnic is pie--and the chance to relax in a beautiful outdoor setting, of course. Whether you're unpacking your basket lakeside, on a cliff overlooking the ocean, or at the company barbecue, your picnic spread should be as pretty as your surroundings. Let the Instgram-worthy, picture-perfect pies you bring for dessert be the crowning touch. Here are the 12 prettiest fruit pies to make for your picnics this summer.

1. Hasselback Pear Tart

hasselback-pear-tart-1 Hasselback Pear Tart by Nicholio on Allrecipes

Hasselback Pear Tart by Nicholio on Allrecipes.

Is it dessert or modern art? Artful sweets really can be good enough to eat--and with cream cheese plus fresh pears sliced and fanned using the Hasselback method, this pear tart fits the bill.

2. Key Lime and Raspberry Pies in Jars

key-lime-and-raspberry-pies-in-jars Key Lime and Raspberry Pies in Jars, photo by Maria the Soaper on Allrecipes

Key Lime and Raspberry Pies in Jars. Photo by Maria the Soaper on Allrecipes

Miniature versions of a dessert have that adorable factor that makes them prettier (or at least cuter) than their single large counterparts. These jars of fruit curd and fresh raspberry mini-pies are easy to tote in a flat box and give everyone their own picture-perfect serving.

3. Sour Cherry Pie

sour-cherry-pie Sour Cherry Pie, photo by KimsCookingNow on Allrecipes

Sour Cherry Pie. Photo by KimsCookingNow.

You can't go wrong with cherries in summertime. Add a picture-perfect lattice crust to let the filling peek out, and you'll have everyone begging for the first slice.

4. Fresh Fruit Flan

fresh-fruit-flan Fresh Fruit Flan, photo by Trishie on

Fresh Fruit Flan. Photo by Trishie.

This neat arrangement of vividly colored fruit gets a boost from a sugar glaze that adds shine and brightness. It's a palette for your palate.

5. Rustic Fruit Galette

rustic-fruit-galette Rustic Fruit Galette, photo by Rebecca Marmaduke on Allrecipes

Rustic Fruit Galette. Photo by Rebecca Marmaduke.

The hand-turned folds of a galette dough provide a charming frame to showcase your favorite fresh fruits. It's a technique that's so easy to produce something so rustic and artistic looking that it almost feels like cheating. Combine various hues of berries for a bright, rich filling, or go for minimalist elegance with a neat filling of apple or peach slices.

6. Raspberry Streusel Tart

raspberry-streusel-tart Raspberry Streusel Tart, photo by Nanby on Allrecipes

Raspberry Streusel Tart, photo by Nanby.

Crumbly streusel topping plays up the vivid red of raspberries and the sunny yellow of custard.

7. Patsy's Half-Baked Blueberry Pie

patsys-half-baked-blueberry-pi Patsy's Half-Baked Blueberry Pie, photo by Ken Rosenfeld on Allrecipes,

Patsy's Half-Baked Blueberry Pie. Photo by Ken Rosenfeld.

Combining cooked fruit with raw blueberries helps preserve the color and shape of the berries. Add strawberry halves for a perfect color complement.

8. Mom's Baby Berry Pies

moms-baby-berry-pies Mom's Baby Berry Pies, photo by Christina on Allrecipes

Mom's Baby Berry Pies. Photo by Christina.

Individual servings in small foil pans or ramekins let each of your guests get a single beautiful pie of their own.

9. Apple-Cranberry Tart

apple-cranberry-tart Apple-Cranberry Tart, photo by lutzflcat on Allrecipes

Apple-Cranberry Tart. Photo by lutzflcat.

Thin-sliced apples are topped with jewel-like cranberries for a glorious rustic-edged tart. Turbinado sugar on the crust adds sparkle. Bellinis might be a perfect accompaniment.

10. Apple Pie by Grandma Ople

apple-pie-by-grandma-ople Apple Pie by Grandma Ople, photo by JenellK on Allrecipes

Apple Pie by Grandma Ople. Photo by JenellK.

A lattice crust is pretty enough to justify the extra effort of weaving the pastry slices. Pouring on a rich glaze adds luster for a polished and delicious dessert.

11. Chef John's Peach Tartlets

chef-johns-peach-tartlets Chef John's Peach Tartlets

Chef John's Peach Tartlets

Pretty peach pies that fit in the palm of your hand are the perfect photo finish for any picnic. Keep the peels on for a beautiful blush to contrast with the bright golden flesh of the peaches.

12. Cherry Berry Peach Pie

cherry-berry-peach-pie Cherry Berry Peach Pie, photo by Nanby on Allrecipes

Cherry Berry Peach Pie. Photo by Nanby.

Red and gold fruit combine in a delicious pie that captures the essence of summer. Whether you use traditional lattice strips or peek-a-boo cutouts, make sure the fruit peeps through for a stained glass effect.


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