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12 Recipes for a July 4 Red, White & Blue Brunch

Hooray for America's Birthday, the perfect excuse for a red, white and blue-themed brunch that showcases summer produce. And why not top it all off with a red, white and blue cocktail? Cheers!

Red Dishes

Call these juicy dishes that pop with the flavors we love about summer.



Fresh strawberry butter. Photo by lutzflcat.

White Dishes

So this lineup goes from lean with the egg white frittata to over-the-top and loving it with creamy milk gravy-topped country fried steak. Ain't America great?



Zucchini egg white frittata. Photo by lutzflcat.

Blue Dishes

And for the big finish, how about waving the flag for those superstars of the summer fruit lineup, blueberries?

Get in the spirit with Brunchworthy

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