What You Need To Know About The 6 Most Common Sugars

What’s the difference between all the different sugars?
Let’s find out!

Common Types of Sugar

White SugarGranulated (aka regular or table)Made from sugarcane or sugar beets, this sugar has had all impurities and natural molasses removed.
Superfine (aka ultrafine or Castor)Same as granulated, except with smaller crystals. This sugar dissolves more easily in cold liquids.
Powdered (aka confectioners’, 10X, or icing)Finely ground white sugar with an anti-caking agent (usually cornstarch) added to prevent clumping.

Decorating (aka sanding or coarse)

Large grains of smooth crystals used for garnishing baked goods (think King Cake). Comes in a variety of colors.
 Brown SugarLight/Golden/Dark Refined sugar with added molasses. The amount of molasses added determines the shade of brown sugar.
Sucanat An acronym for Sugar Cane Natural. Made by the evaporation of pure sugar cane juice with nothing added and nothing removed.


Wikipedia Moe Rubenzahl / creative commons

Wikipedia Moe Rubenzahl / creative commons

White Sugar to the Rescue!

  • Out of brown sugar? make your own by stirring approximately one tablespoon of molasses into a cup of granulated white sugar. Use less for light brown, and more for dark brown.
  • Make superfine sugar by blending granulated sugar in blender until finely ground.
  • Need powdered? You can come close by grinding granulated sugar with a mortar and pestle.

Brown Sugar Tip

Did your brown sugar harden into an unusable lump? Place a slice of plain bread into the container with the sugar. It will soften and be ready to use in a day.