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6 Ways To Shine with Day-After Thanksgiving Feasting

Some families swear they love Thanksgiving because it makes for the very best post-holiday meals. Here are some of our top-rated dishes that incorporate leftovers from your Thanksgiving spread:

1. Day-After-Thanksgiving Turkey Soup

So warm and comforting, this easy soup makes for a batch big enough to feed the whole neighborhood.

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2. Thanksgiving Quesadilla

Tucked into a flour tortilla, this delivers all the great flavors in one easy package.

edited 2798795 thanksgiving quesadilla photo by bd weld

Photo by bd weld

3. Thanksgiving Leftovers Monkey Bread

Because you didn't get enough carbs on Turkey Day! Watch this short video below on how to make this tasty Thanksgiving Leftovers Monkey Bread.

4. Dad’s Leftover Turkey Pot Pie

Depending on how much you have leftover, make two of these pot pies, and put one in the freezer for later.

603186 Dads Leftover Turkey Pot Pie 215447 larkspur

5. Leftover Turkey Spring Rolls with Cranberry Sweet and Sour Dipping Sauce

Give those leftovers an Asian twist. Be sure to make extra dipping sauce—it’s that good!

600641 Leftover Turkey Spring Rolls 212686 Traci in Cali

6. Turkey Leftover Casserole

Take the kitchen sink approach by combining all the greatest hits in one satisfying dish.

1112969 Thanksgiving Leftover Casserole 23786 bethfletch

1112969 Thanksgiving Leftover Casserole 23786 bethfletch

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