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7 Halloween Cocktails to Spook Your Liver

No sudden movements. These cocktails sense fear.

1. Shaggy's Manhattan

All those scary monsters, they would’ve gotten away with it, had it not been for those meddling kids: Fred, Velma, Shaggy. This cocktail answers the question, “Scooby-Doo, Where Are You?” He’s behind bar, mixing signature drinks with the Shags.

Shaggy's Manhattan

Shaggy's Manhattan | Photo by Butler

2. Dirty Martini

Here’s one for the germaphobes. Also, you know what’s really scary for certain martini purists? A martini made with vodka.

Dirty Martini

Photo by chanelleNo5

3. Margaritas to Die For

It's not strictly necessary to die for these delicious margaritas. And if sweet margaritas give you the creeps, cut back on the sugar and maybe add a splash more Grand Marnier.

Margaritas to Die For

Photo by Linda

4. Beefy Bloody Caesar

Tough day for Caesar. First, he’s assassinated, then he’s called “beefy.” That’s rude, Brutus. This one’s for the Halloween toga party that you’re throwing in Canada.

Beefy Bloody Caesar

Photo by Magnolia Blossom

5. Bee's Knees II

The thought of bees having knees is just...frightening. You know what else is scary? The collapse of bee colonies. (There’s your bonus Halloween party conversation starter.)

Bee's Knees II

Photo by Cheryl Osterhout

6. Bubble Gum

This one’s scary because it’s a cocktail gum. You were warned.

Bubble Gum

Photo by Marvel's Kitchen

7. Lemon Kamikaze

This cocktail made the list because we can all imagine a hipster rock band named “Lemon Kamikaze.” They play bright, cheerful, scaaary-bad pop songs that are nevertheless monster hits. Drink up.

Lemon Kamikaze

Photo by Dianne

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