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7 Unbelievably Scrumptious Milkshake Recipes

Bring the soda shop to your kitchen with these top-rated milkshake recipes! From multiple ideas for adding flair to the straight-up chocolate shake, to avocado, mocha fusion, and classic strawberry, we’ve pulled together seven recipes that’ll keep it interesting—and delicious—all week long.

1. Chocolate Mint Milkshake

“This was so delicious. If you want to add an adult twist, add a tablespoon of creme de menthe. It was great!” –Beth


Image by CC

2. Chocoalte Banana Milkshake

“This milkshake has a great balance of milk to ice cream, and I like the half of a banana so it doesn't become too overpowering.” –House of Agua


Image by lutzflcat.

3. Simple Avocado Milkshake

“The flavor is PERFECT. No need to make any changes. Note that the servings are kind of small. For me, this was more like two shakes. Super simple to make with ingredients I always have on hand. –LilSnoo


Image by LilSnoo.

4. Cinnameg Chocolate Milkshake

“So, so yummy!!! I added a dollop of whipped cream and it was perfection. I never thought about putting cinnamon in my milkshake; now I see what I've been missing!” –Kate Kwiatkowski


Image by House of Agua.

5. Yummy Strawberry Shake

“This was sooo yummy. I added a little bit of extra ice cream because I didn't have quite enough strawberries, and it was so good.” –Bella


Image by Emma Meyer.

6. Iced Mocha Fusion Shake

“This is really a simple recipe. But, oh-so yummy! For a more chocolaty taste I used unsweetened cocoa, cinnamon, and sugar. Really good on hot days!” –MAGGIE MCGUIRE


Image by Kim’s Cooking Now!

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