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10 Reasons to Keep a Stash of Oreo Cookies in Your Cupboard

Oreos are not just a cookie -- they're a versatile ingredient that will take your baking to the next level. I always try keep a pack or two stashed in the cupboard for those times when you need a little extra flavor and cuteness. Here are 10 genius ways that Oreo cookies can help make homemade treats even better.

1. Give bark some extra bite

Chocolate bark is such an easy holiday treat, and a few smashed Oreo cookies will add just the right amount of crunchiness. This 2-ingredient bark  is the easiest treat you'll ever make. Wrap it up in a cellophane bag with a big red ribbon, and you've got a simple and impressive holiday gift.

Oreo Cookie Bark

Oreo(TM) Cookie Bark

Photo by Melissa Goff

2. It makes the tastiest pie crust

Sure, graham cracker crust is nice, but if you really want to push the boat out, try a chocolate Oreo crust --- it will make your cheesecake taste phenomenal.

Chocolate Cookie Cheesecake

Chocolate Cookie Cheesecake

Photo by Allrecipes

3. Make fudge

If fudge seems hard to make, think again. Oreo cookies bring the flavor in these adorable fudge candies.

World's Best Oreo(R) Fudge

World's Best Oreo(R) Fudge

Photo by sweetserenade

4. Frosting goals

Make a vanilla buttercream frosting extra special with some crushed Oreo crumbs mixed in. Or, if you're stuck for a cupcake topper, perch a mini Oreo on top of your frosting for instant cuteness.

Mini OREO Surprise Cupcakes

Mini OREO Surprise Cupcakes

Photo by sweetserenade

5. They're a no-bake hero

No time to bake, no problem. This cool whip and chocolate dessert is topped with crunchy Oreos, and has a tasty Oreo crust base. No baking required  -- just a little cookie crushing and freezing.

Oreo® Cookie Cake

Oreo® Cookie Cake

Photo by footballgrl16

6. It's a crafty ingredient

These sweet, festive turkeys are made with deconstructed Oreos, candies, and a little chocolate glue. It's amazing how crafty Oreo cookies can be. These Snowman Cookie Balls are another fun holiday treat to make with Oreos.

Oreo Candy Corn Turkeys

650 x 465 Oreo Candy Corn Turkey photo by Judy7905

Photo by Judy7905

7. Makes fancy truffles

Got a party you need to make something for? These 3-ingredient truffles are gorgeous and simple to make -- even the kids can help.

OREO Cookie Balls

OREO Cookie Balls

Photo by Lia

8. Makes for a sweet surprise inside

Oreo(R)-Stuffed Oatmeal Scotchies

Making cookies or browies -- sneak an Oreo cookie inside, and you've got an even better treat. These Oreo-stuffed brownies are heavenly.

Oreo(R)-Stuffed Oatmeal Scotchies

Photo by Lela_650

9. Makes a show-stopping birthday cake

If you want a creamy, crunchy, chocolaty cake, that will make people swoon, this giant Oreo cake is the way to go. It's the birthday cake of dreams.

Chocolate-Covered OREO Cookie Cake

Chocolate-Covered OREO Cookie Cake

Photo by jaulapjai

10. You can make them into fair food

Oreo cookies are solid -- they can be baked into cakes, and even deep-fried. Make this fair food at home for a delicious, crispy treat.

Deep Fried Oreos®

Deep Fried Oreos(R)

Photo by Pam Ziegler Lutz


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