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Allrecipes Cookware

Fun and functional, the new Allrecipes cookware was designed to cater to our community’s mission of getting dinner on the table after a busy day. These stylish sets of state-of-the art sauce pans, skillets, and Dutch ovens were created to give cooks the tools to efficiently make meals without making a big, hot mess.

Photo via Meredith Brand Licensing

Photo via Meredith Brand Licensing

That means saucepan lids do double duty as strainers, and an even-heating skillet is fitted with a steamer, so you can make the main course while a side dish cooks simultaneously on top. Some pieces even let you know when it’s time to toss the ingredients in the pan to saute.

The fry and saute pans share an attribute every cook has got to love: The advanced nonstick surface makes clean up easy peasy. And guess what? They’re dishwasher safe!

Created for the home cook, Allrecipes cookware also includes high-tech features that professional chefs demand, including even-heating cooking surfaces and flared rims for drip-free pouring. Here are some details that should make choosing cookware a pleasure.

The Sizzle Sensors let cooks know when it's GO time. Photo via Meredith Brand Licensing

The Sizzle Sensors™ let cooks know when it’s GO time. Photo via Meredith Brand Licensing

Allrecipes Sizzle Sensor™ Fry Pans & Cookware Sets

Imagine scrambling eggs without a drop of oil or a pat of butter, and being able to wipe the pan clean after dishing up. That’s the magic of the QuanTanium® nonstick coating, which is a feature of both the 2 piece Fry Pan Set and the 8 piece Cookware Set. This next level nonstick is free of the chemicals long associated with that clean-cooking feature, instead using reinforced titanium to create the slick surface.

  • The Sizzle Sensor™ is a cook’s BFF: a very cool ring on the handle showing when a pan turns from chill to hot. Black means wait, red means it’s go time.
  • This durable cookware is the result of a forged aluminum construction, creating pans that conduct heat like a champ, second only to copper. That’s essential for even browning.
  • Ideal for any cooking surface, from gas to induction.
  • Stay-cool handles are easy to grip.
  • Toss that scrub brush. The advanced nonstick surface means these pans practically clean themselves. And the exterior stays brilliant — even when it’s run through the dishwasher.

Allrecipes 10 Piece Two Tone Stainless Steel Cookware Set

This carefully curated collection covers all the bases, from generously sized skillets, to sauce pans that are genius for feeding a crowd, to an 8-inch fry pan that hits the sweet spot if you’re cooking for one or two. The brushed-and-polished finish makes these beauties good looking enough to go from stove-to-table, carrying creations like Overnight French Toast.

  • If you’re a fan of one-pot dinners, the Dutch oven is perfect for searing roasts on the stove top and finishing in the oven. Thank goodness for lid handles roomy enough for any mitt to fit.
  • The QuanTanium® nonstick surface featured in the fry and sauté pans stand up to any type of utensil, so there’s no need to ditch your favorite metal spatula.
  • Pieces in this set have special features. Let’s have high fives all around for the flared rims, the vented glass lids – no more boil overs! – plus, handy measurement markings inside the pans. Now you can skip fishing around for the measuring cups or guessing how much is just enough.
Photo via Allrecipes Magazine

Photo via Allrecipes Magazine

Allrecipes 8 Piece Hard Anodized Cookware Set

There’s nothing worse than cold spots when you’re browning chicken, searing a steak, or trying to achieve that golden hue you’re craving when caramelizing onions. Hard anodized pans go to the head of the class for being one of the best heat conductors around, which means food cooks evenly.

  • High-performance heat handling means you can turn the Dutch oven into a deep fryer.
  • Comfy grip handles are designed to make you a master of the show-stopping, one-handed pancake flip — or just making reaching for a hot pad a distant memory.
  • It doesn’t matter if you’re right-handed or a leftie; there are easy pour spouts on either side of each sauce pan and the Dutch oven.
  • Like the rest, these pieces require little in the way of clean up and are dishwasher safe.

Allrecipes 4 Piece Stackable Sauce Pan Set

These sets are a dream for every apartment dweller who battles to find space for everything in the kitchen.

  • The pieces nestle together neatly, ready to be tucked away into a snug space. Of course, they’re so pretty, you won’t want to hide them. The cool-touch silicone handles can double as hooks for hanging up high.
  • Two sauce pans nestled together become a double boiler, which is perfect for creating the creamiest sauces.
  • The fry pan works well for all sorts of cooking projects, from frying an egg to a quick sauté.
  • Cleaning is quick, too, as the nonstick surface can be wiped clean or loaded into the dishwasher.
Ideal for storing in small spaces. Photo via Meredith Licensing

Ideal for storing in small spaces. Photo via Meredith Brand Licensing


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