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Allrecipes Celebrates Our Greatest Home Cooks

Allrecipes owes its success to you, our passionate community of home cooks who so generously share recipes, photos, reviews, and more. So, as we celebrate our 20th birthday, we also want to celebrate you. Honestly, we couldn't do any of this without you.

Most Recipes Shared

Back in the day, Allrecipes was created because one person wanted to share recipes with another. Twenty years later, that one simple desire still inspires the world's largest community of home cooks to share their own kitchen accomplishments. Topping the list of most recipes published is MARBELET, with 330+ recipes. Here's her number one most popular recipe, Chicken Milano, with 3,000+ makes, 1,640+ reviews, and 250+ photos:

Chicken Milano

Photo by Allie Cheng

Honorable mention goes to:

SUSMITA with 150+ recipes
kim with 130+ recipes
sara with 120+ recipes

Special shout-out to Buckwheat Queen for showcasing creative (and gorgeous) health-conscious and gluten-free recipes to an appreciative community.

Most Revved Up Reviewers

Sarah Jo heads the list with a whopping 5,500+ reviews. Here's just one of Sarah Jo's informative reviews, this one for Baked Buffalo Wings:
"I did dry my wings before dredging as to prevent soggy wings. I increased the garlic powder to a full teaspoon and omitted the salt as I was using a salted butter. EXCELLENT. No leftovers. Great for Superbowl Sunday."

Baked Buffalo Wings

Photo by psychedilemma

Honorable mention goes to:
naples34102 with 3,300+ reviews
Jillian with 2,300+ reviews
Christina with 2,300+ reviews

Special shout-out to Rock_lobster and her haiku reviews (900+) that cleverly combine a classic 5-7-5 haiku poem structure with useful feedback. Here's a sample from her review of Killer Chili:
This was quite tasty!
I made it a day ahead.
Simmered it long time.

Most Fervid Photographers

We salute you home cook photographers who demonstrate the astonishing willpower it takes to photo your food before digging in. pomplemousse leads the list for most recipe photos published, with 2,700+ to her credit, Here's a look at one of her mouthwatering snaps, this one for Yummy Pumpkin Cheesecake Bars:

Yummy Pumpkin Cheesecake Bars

Photo by pomplemousse

We also bow to the awesomeness of naples34102 (2,170+ photos), who consistently posts some of our favorite food pics plus all of her gorgeous holiday table settings.

Honorable mention goes to:
~TxCin~ILove2Ck with 2,400+ photos
mommyluvs2cook with 2,200+ photos
Scotdog with 1,900+ photos

Special shout-out to larkspur (1,800+), bd.weld (1,800+), House of Aqua (1,700+), Baking Nana (1,000+), and so many more of you whose mouthwatering photos make us want to eat our screens.

Allrecipes Allstars

Extra big love goes to the Allrecipes Allstars, the endlessly creative troup of brand ambassadors who rate, review, photo, submit, and share recipes, and, most importantly, add to the fun of our warm, welcoming, all-inclusive community of home cooks. Thank you!

Allrecipes Allstars

A few of our Allrecipes Allstars | Photo by Allrecipes

More 20th Birthday Greats

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