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How To Easily Remove Pin Bones From Salmon

Before you season it, glaze it, bake, broil, fry, or grill it, there’s one simple thing you should do to your salmon fillet to make it more eater-friendly. Pull out the pin bones.

Salmon Fillet

Photo by Vanessa Greaves

Pin bones are the needle-like fish bones that you can find yourself awkwardly picking out of your mouth in the middle of a good fish dinner. No one wants that. Lucky for all of us, removing them is quick and easy because they’re not attached to a larger bone structure in the fish.

How to Remove Pin Bones

You’ll Need

Raw fish fillet(s)
Needle-nose pliers, jewelry pliers, surgical clamp, or special fish tweezers
Your sensitive fingertips


1. Lay the fillet flat on a plate, cutting board, or pan.
2. Run your fingers lightly along the length of the fillet, feeling for the tips of the bones.
3. When you find one, notice how it’s just one in a line of tiny tips protruding from the flesh
4. Use your pliers to grasp the tip of the bone and pull it out at an angle. Continue down the line to feel for the bones and pull them out until they’re all gone.

Removing Salmon Pin Bones

Photos by Vanessa Greaves

Bone-Free and Ready to Cook

Practice your new pin-bone pulling skills on these top-rated salmon recipes, then pat yourself on the back for helping yourself and those you love avoid fish-bone embarrassment.

(Photos by Vanessa Greaves)

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