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Buzz is now “Ask the Community”


Missing your cooking pals on Allrecipes’ “The Buzz”? They’re still there, but just with a new name. You’ll find them all by clicking “Ask the Community.”

It’s easy! Find the three gray bars in the top right-hand corner of the page. Click the bars to open a list where you’ll see “Ask the Community,” the seventh option in the drop down menu.

Accessing and sorting community posts can be done by selecting the “Sort by” button on the right-hand side of the page – there, you can sort posts by most active, newest, and answered.
You can search Community posts by using the search bar that says “Search Questions,” doing so will bring up any post that is relevant to your search. For example, you could search “egg substitutions” and our search will bring up our community’s wealth of knowledge on egg substitutions.
Search for an Answer_AtC

If you can’t find an answer for your question, please feel free to Ask a Question by clicking the orange “Ask Away” button.
Ask a Question_AtC


Once you click the “Ask Away” button, you’ll be shown a screen where you can type your question and add a description for further clarification of your post – you will also need to fill out the “I’m not a Robot” box to successfully post your question to our wonderful community.

Do you know the answer to someone’s question? You can answer! First, click on the post you’d like to answer. After it comes up, you can click the “Answer the Question” button.

Answer a Question_AtC
A text box will appear with the option to type your answer, including a list or a table, and attach a link.
Do you think a post or comment is awesome? You can go ahead and like a post by giving it a “Thumbs up!” Liking or giving comments & posts a thumbs up will help it become more noticeable to the Community and let everyone know the post is helpful.
Like a Post
See a comment or post that isn’t appropriate? Letting us know will allow us to review the post or comment.
Once you’re finished asking or answering community questions, you can access your Profile and Favorites easily.  Just click on the gray heart or your username up on the top-right corner of the page!