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Always hungry to learn, never had my fill of oysters, Memphis dry rub ribs, wild salmon, chocolate chip cookies or a well-rolled lumpia. Washington state wine lover, bourbon fan.

quick and easy, sticky sweet, these wings are classic
Corned Beef Hash Cakes
No-Workout-Needed Chocolate Cake
Slices of Medium rare grilled Steak Ribeye on meat fork on dark wooden background
Diabetic Friendly Roasted Cauliflower Rice
Beautiful Eggs Benedict
Scrambled Eggs Garnished with Chive Flowers
Fried duck eggs.
Chef John's Cheese Blintzes
Bacon for the Family or a Crowd
Southern Grits Casserole
Ooey-Gooey Cinnamon Buns
Pink Sangria with Strawberies and Orange
eggs, cheese and bacon make mornings better