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The Best Korean Chicken Recipes

We're crushing on Korean food! Beautiful grilled bulgogi and delicious kalbi short ribs are favorites, of course. But we're branching out, too. Because Korean cuisine is also rich in vegetables, seafood, and chicken dishes. So even if you don't eat beef, you can still thrill to the exciting flavors of Korean food.

These Korean recipes put poultry up front. They're top-rated chicken main dish recipes that go big on Korean flavors. If you're looking for something deliciously different to make with chicken, here you go.

1. Troy's Korean Glazed Chicken Breast with Kimchee Fried Rice

"Kimchee gives fried rice a nice spicy kick in this chicken recipe perfect for busy weeknights," says Troy "Serve with a spicy mayo for extra heat. Serve with a spicy mayo for extra heat."

Troy's Korean Glazed Chicken Breast with Kimchee Fried

Troy's Korean Glazed Chicken Breast with Kimchee Fried Rice | Photo by Diana71

2. Korean Spicy Chicken and Potato (Tak Toritang)

"A very easy meal to make," says sarakyong. "Chicken drumettes, potato, carrots, and onion simmer in a spicy sauce that goes best with white rice."

3. Skillet Chicken Bulgogi

"This is a quick and easy, but very tasty meal," says daveparks4. "It only takes 30 minutes with very few dirty dishes!" Try it with Korean Kimchi Fried Rice.

Skillet Chicken Bulgogi

Photo by DIZ#9829;

4. Korean BBQ Chicken Marinade

"This sauce is from the very popular 'chicken bowls' in my hometown," says SASEIGEL. "It's very tasty! Use it as a marinade for chicken or to baste chicken while grilling. Increase the hot chile paste as desired. Four tablespoons is usually as much as anyone can take!"

5. Chef John's Korean Fried Chicken

We concur with Chef John: "Korean fried chicken is officially my favorite," says Chef John. "And I’ve pretty much had every single style known to man. No other method I've come across has the same combination of tender, juicy, flavorful chicken, and plate-scratching crispiness as this recipe does." Try your crispy chicken with Chef John's Korean Fried Chicken Sauce.

6. Sweet Korean Crispy Chicken

"This yummy and addicting chicken recipe is great for snacks at a dinner party or just munching on throughout the night," says Shelby Lynn. A little gochujang Korean chile paste adds a touch of fire. "It brings authentic Korean flavors together and creates sticky and sweet (with a little heat) goodness! Garnish with chopped peanuts."

Sweet Korean Crispy Chicken

Sweet Korean Crispy Chicken | Photo by Shelby Lynn

7. Family-Style Korean Fried Chicken

"This is my family's recipe that dates back to when we lived in Mililani," says Reagan Wilf. "Sauce is optional -- we've always eaten it without. Large chopsticks are recommended for frying. Enjoy with white or fried rice!"

8. Dakdoritang (Korean Spicy Chicken Stew)

"'Dakdoritang' is a chicken dish that's cooked in a spicy red sauce along with vegetables such as potatoes, carrots, and onions," says Jason Lamar. "It's also called 'dakbokkeumtang' or 'dakmaeuntang.' It's usually made by cutting up a whole chicken into small pieces, but I use a combination of chicken thighs and wings. The result is succulent pieces of chicken packed with spicy and savory flavors!"

Dakdoritang (Korean Spicy Chicken Stew)

 Dakdoritang (Korean Spicy Chicken Stew) | Photo by Crikkitt

9. Korean Fusion Chicken Burrito

"Craving the Kogi Truck and can't drive out to get a bulgogi burrito?" asks Forevertiff. "This recipe was created out of a sudden craving for the Kogi Truck in Los Angeles. To avoid a soggy burrito, be sure to squeeze out any liquids from the kimchi."

10. Korean Hot Wings

"Finger-licking good, Korean-style hot wings made easy and simple," says G Chef. "The sauce can be made up to two weeks ahead of time; flavor will intensify."

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