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Bite Into The Most Beautiful Apple On The Planet

An apple is an apple is an apple. Even a crisp autumn apple at its juicy peak doesn't take your breathe away like our crazy popular Ooey-Gooey Cinnamon Roll, does it? Well, then you haven't tried a Pink Pearl, the gorgeous, pink-fleshed apple that's the most under-the-radar fruit that you need to find this fall.

650 x 465 pink pearl apple photo by Leslie Kelly

Pink Pearl apples. Photo by Leslie Kelly

The folks at Pleasant Ridge Farm near Mount Vernon, Wash., have been growing Pink Pearls for 25 years, and owner Gayle Tjersland said the variety might not be widely known because they're not traditionally grown commercially. "They don't store very well," she said about the variety first introduced in 1944 by a California grower.

Which is why they're such a treat during the harvest season, prized for chomping on, fresh off the tree, but also wonderful in pies, crisps and applesauce. They retain their pink color when cooked and make a cider that looks like a desert sunset. If you come across any Pink Pearls (not to be confused with Pink Lady apples), better jump on them.

Start asking at farmers markets, road side farmstands or, check with your favorite specialty food markets. The hunt is absolutely worth it.

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