Father's Day


Ok, Father's Day is coming up next. My kids are cooking, I don't know what they are cooking yet but I'm sure it will be good. Josh always cooks the main meal with his girlfriend, Holly, as his sous chef and cleaner. My daughter Kerri is always the pastry chef, she comes up with some really good stuff. Can't wait to see what she comes up with this time. My friend Erin likes to make dessert too and one of these days she will be making her own contribution to our family dinner (can't wait for that either). My youngest daughter Marcie isn't really into cooking but that's ok, she is getting ready to start law school. That's plenty for her to be doing. My youngest son Travis was a really good cook. He could take even boxed dinners like Hamburger Helper and turn it into gourmet food. Three out of four cooks, that ain't bad.


  • LouisvilleHugger

    Not bad at all! And yes, I WILL be contributing something one of these days.

  • Mike Harvey, daPITA
    Mike Harvey, daPITA

    Three out of four cooks and the fourth is a lawyer(in case one of the cooks fails)! Yup! Yer doin' great!

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