St. Patrick's Day Cookies


These are an adaptation of the play dough cookies found here on All Recipes. I thought it would be fun to make St. Patrick’s Day cookies using this same dough. I love all the colors of the rainbow in these, they are so bright and vibrant! I give a full tutorial on my blog, and even a video to explain how to make the cool, striped coil cookies.

Get the recipe and instructions for these St. Patrick’s Day Cookies here.


  • mauigirl

    Love them! especially the little rainbow:)

  • Chop Suey
    Chop Suey

    When my kids were little we used to make TONS of Ninja Turtles out of these. What memories.

  • Citrus Punch
    Citrus Punch

    These are gorgeous. What talent!

  • Rosebud

    You are very good. Those cookies are beautiful. I could never do something like that. Very impressed.

  • amandascookin

    Thanks so much you guys!! :) :)

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