Christmas Breakfast Casserole

Mike McEwan

Anyone who knew my mom, knew how much she loved kids. She was an elementary school nurse and the president of the children’s organization at church many times over. She grew up the 2nd oldest in a family of 5 from Salt Lake City. She loved big families, but was only blessed with myself, and my sister and brother. Mom was extremely creative and often had quirky ideas. She got especially creative around the holidays. One year we were particularly broke, so mom and dad made all our presents. I remember a homemade wooden cribbage board, and a chess set made from nuts and bolts. I also remember getting a box of Cherrios as a present. One year during high school, she felt like we were being too selfish, and had forgotten that giving was better than receiving, so we woke up to an empty living room without presents, then got schooled on the true meaning of Christmas before handing out our gifts.Mom always overfilled our stockings with candy most years, and Darcey and I could never resist shoving handfuls of chocolate kisses and candy canes in our mouth as we opened presents. I believe the family tradition of putting an orange in the toe of the stockings came from her justifying the massive amounts of candy that littered the house on Christmas Day.One year in particular, she was so dead set on making sure we ate breakfast, she woke us up and herded us into the dining room to eat before we could see what Santa brought us. She even hung a blanket over the doorway to the living room so we couldn’t see in. I remember being so excited and nervous, I doubt I ate anything.
Now I have kids of my own, I get the whole, “I want you to eat something healthy before eating candy” thing. The ex was also real good about overstocking the candy reserves. So my solution is Christmas Breakfast Casserole. I make it Christmas Eve, cover it, and leave it in the fridge overnight. Then pop it in the oven in the morning, and by the time the living room floor is covered in gift wrapping , I have a nice hot breakfast that neither of my want. Oh well, I tried!!


  • HisAnomaly

    I love Christmas casseroles for breakfast! So good and so easy! Your children will grow to appreciate things like that!nnnnAlso, thank you for sharing your memories of your childhood and your parents. To me, the best part of holidays are the memories!

  • Mother Ann
    Mother Ann

    Hubby & I have been making a breakfast casserole for about 20 years now. When we get home from our Christmas Eve party with the family, we work together getting it ready then cover & refrigerate until morning. My kids were like yours, they wouldn't even taste it. for them I made cinnamon rolls (are they any better than candy??). But at least they would drink milk and/or juice with them.

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