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   Sorry I haven’t blog’d since the Halloween party but let me catch you up. I have been cooking healthy and hosting as usual but I have had a lot going on in my life. My youngest daughter has been back and forth to the doctors because she was having a multitude of issues with developement. Scary story short, we just found out this week she is far sighted. Far sighted means you can see everything far away but can’t see things well up close. She is just seeing a blur of colors up close and can’t even make out objects. We have been worried for a year that it was seizures or Autism. We ordered her glasses which will be in next week and we will quickly see a changed child.

    To update you on the good, I won a place in the AllRecipes Ambassadors program. It is just starting up this month and we are all learning as we go. Basically, we get assignments sent to our email like we are Charlie’s Angels and then we have the month to turn them in. Once completed we are entered into a drawing (chosen at random) to win prizes.This month we have to make 3 faceless recipes (no pictures) and 3 slow cooker recipes (you can combine the two projects). My children could not be more thrilled! They love to put anything together in the kitchen and they are my true secret to cooking… if only they would do the dishes! lol.

At the bottom of this blog I am posting the recipes with photos included of what I tried. This experience is extremely cool because I am cooking as usual with the ability to share with other cooks as well. I am definitely looking forward to the rest of the year and blogging with you! Have a great week!

I made this first:

And this week I tried this:

As to what faceless slow cooker recipe I will make next week, we will just have to wait and see. :-)

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  • Baking Nana
    Baking Nana

    Getting those glasses is going to be opening up a whole new world for your daughter. How old is she? I have a friend who's son was 5 before they figured out that he is extremely near sighted. He is technically blind without his glasses. He is now 10 and doing great, but he does have 2 pairs of back-up glasses. Welcome to the Ambassador program. I know you will have a blast cooking all kinds of new recipes.

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