Halloween Cookies Gallore!


The kids and I spent a majority of the day in the kitchen yesterday, baking up a storm!  We made almost 100 Halloween cookies and had fun putting the yummy colored frosting and sprinkles on them!  The cookies turned out great…and clean up was much easier than I thought!  The kids were great about not getting frosting in their hair, under the counter tops, on the carpet, etc…lol.  They had a really good time too.  I forgot how frustrating it is to work with sugar cookie mix while you’re trying to cut it out.  I had to keep telling the kids, "hurry, cut quick before it starts sticking!"  It’s a nightmare…but was well worth it.  The frosting turned out great too…was a little runny for my liking, but I just added extra confectioners sugar to it to stiffen it up a bit.  I didn’t want to paint the icing on, I wanted something a little thicker…and something that would harden so the cookies could be stacked.

I used The Best Rolled Sugar Cookie recipe and the Decorator Frosting recipe.  Fool proof! :)

All in all it was a great project with the kids and everything tastes yummy!


  • Chris K in Wisconsin
    Chris K in Wisconsin

    Making cookies ~~ and memories! What a perfect day!!

  • Frauline

    It was definitely a good day for the kids! They had a lot of fun…I remember what it was like at their age to do cookies…but we never did Halloween cookies! Lucky ducks ;)

  • Marie C.
    Marie C.

    That looks like a great family time. I am sure they will remember it into adulthood.

  • Molly

    What a fun day and fun memories you created that day. That's even better than the cookies.

  • recipes need gluten
    recipes need gluten

    baking with babes, nothing better, that is a table full of cookies, what a feat. If you dust the table with icing sugar to roll the cookies it often helps and you do not get a floury taste after they bake-great job!

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