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We're In Love With These Freakishly Realistic Soaps

At first glance, you might be tempted to take a bite out of one of these decadent-looking treats, but be warned: you’d best resist. Unless you want your mouth washed out with soap, that is. Literally.


These sweet little slices are actually handmade soaps from a company in Brooklyn called Soap Cherie, and they are straight up delightful, are they not?! While the company makes a variety of non-food-inspired bars (though, still totally inspired), this particular line—aptly named, The Bakery—serves up soaps in the shape of colorfully-decorated cupcakes and pieces of cake, complete with piped icing, sprinkles, and fun toppers.

And if you want some real eye candy, check out

on their Instgram that shows how they whip them up. It’s pretty much like how you’d make the real deal in the kitchen, minus the baking time.

Now, who’s ready to lather up, dessert-style?

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