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These Campfire Roasted Orange Treats Are Like a Warm Hug

Here's a fun alternative to s'mores - hollowed-out oranges stuffed with sweet desserts, served warm from the campfire! It's easy - all you need are oranges and a sweet bread dough. We used refrigerator cinnamon rolls, blueberry muffin batter, and brownie batter.


Hollowed-out oranges are stuffed with sweet deliciousness and roasted in campfire coals

Just slice off the top of an orange and hollow out the fruit, scraping out an empty "cup" with a "lid." Pour batter into the cup -- or tuck in an uncooked refrigerator cinnamon roll. Put the lid on and wrap completely in foil. Toss into the hot coals of a well-established fire. Watch the technique in this video - then give it a whirl!


About Kristen Russell

Omnivore with a passion for goat cheese, good wine, and anything eaten next to a campfire.