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Cooking with Your Cast Iron Skillet

One tough, versatile vessel. Not just for meats, a cast iron skillet is good for caramelizing vegetables to perfection, and its dry, even heat makes sensational baked goods. Here's what makes cast iron cooking so good.


Cast Iron Skillets

Photo by Meredith

No Sweat!

Cast iron heats up quickly and cooks evenly, absorbing and retaining heat like no other surface; foods brown and caramelize rather than sweat and stew.


DJ's Outdoor Pork Loin with Veggies

DJ's Outdoor Pork Loin with Veggies | Photo by scott

How to Season Cast Iron

To season your cast iron skillet, spread vegetable oil over a dry skillet and bake it in the oven. Seasoning creates a rust resistant, nonstick surface. Properly seasoned, your durable skillet will just get better with age.


Seasoned skillet

Seasoned skillet | Photo by Meredith

How to Take Care of a Cast Iron Pan

To clean, just use mild dish soap and a nonmetal pad. Then wipe out well, season with a few drops of oil and store with a paper towel covering the cooking surface. No dishwashers! For more, see how to season and clean cast iron.


Cast Iron Pizza

Photo by Meredith

More recipes to try in the cast iron skillet:



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