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Catch the Salmon Throwdown on Dinner Spinner TV

This week’s home-cook throwdown pits a real-estate pro against an epic football fan as they tackle a romantic date-night dinner. The Dinner Spinner TV deets? It has to involve fish, and it has to be ready in only 45 minutes!

Who wins the romance runoff? The judges’ decision is somewhat controversial here at Allrecipes!

Both Jacob and Carrie set their sights on salmon with all the trimmings. Could you crank out these beautiful dishes in under an hour?

Carrie's salmon

Carrie's date-night dish

Jacob's salmon

The dishes look so similar  – but only one was deemed romantic enough for a date night.

Jacob’s fiancé was wowed the first time he cooked for her – and what he cooked was his Grilled Cajun Salmon with Roasted Fingerling Potatoes and Roasted Broccoli. Behold, the romantic chef:

Jacob 2

There’s the rub! Jacob’s 2-ingredient salmon is genius

Carrie put her serious home-cook chops to bear on the challenge, bringing out the big guns with her Miso marinade for Salmon with Pureed Potatoes and French Green Beans. She ruled the kitchen like a total pro:

Carrie and Gabe

One of these home cooks’ original recipes got dinged for being not datey enough. Which one? Watch the episode (find local showtimes here) and find out!

Do you agree with the judges’ decision? Try making these recipes this week and "favorite" the one you like best, then post a rating based on your thoughts. We’ll tally up the Allrecipes community’s favorites, ratings, and reviews to determine the “viewer’s choice” award!



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