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7 Recipes to Get Your Chick-Fil-A Fix at Home

We all know Chick-fil-A has some seriously good chicken and sides, but can you make it as good at home? Our users answer with a resounding "YES"! Here are 7 glorious recipes inspired by Chick-fil-A.

1. Breaded Chicken Fingers


Breaded Chicken Fingers

Photo by Naples34102

"The breading reminded me of nuggets from Chick-fil-A. Very easy, and very tasty! My kids devoured them all." –julibug76

2. Chik-Fil-A® Slaw (Copycat)


Copycat Chick Fil-A-Slaw

Photo by Christina

"This is really good and does taste exactly like Chick-fil-A slaw. I highly recommend it if you like theirs!" –JS

3. Honey Mustard Grilled Chicken


Honey Mustard Grilled Chicken

Photo by Melissa Goff

"This is so tasty! It’s very close to the Chick-fil-A honey mustard sauce, and very easy to make!" –SarahSmile

4. Sweet Carrot Salad


Sweet Carrot Salad

Photo by CoOkInGnUt

"Great classic (think Chick-fil-A) carrot-raisin salad taste! A sweet, flavorful, crunchy, healthy addition to a potluck or picnic, or as a side dish for grilled meat." –jamifranz

5. Best Lemonade Ever


Best Lemonade Ever

Photo by Allrecipes Magazine

"So very delicious! We love the lemonade from Chick-fil-A, and this lemonade tastes just like it, maybe even better! Tart and sweet!" –BRANDIDEG5

6. Baked Chicken Nuggets


Baked Chicken Nuggets

Photo by Mixit

"My 6-year-old told me they were better than Chick-fil-A! Fibbing a little? Maybe. But making a Mom's night? Priceless!" –5galsandadad

7. The Best Ever Chicken Nuggets


The Best Ever Chicken Nuggets

Photo by Calebs wife

"My teenager and his friends love them! One of my son's friends had a friendly argument over whether I'd bought them from Chick-fil-A or made them myself. I won!" –Bibage

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