Churro Cones are Deep-Fried Hugs for Your Ice Cream

It’s pretty much never a bad idea to incorporate a doughnut-y like treat into an ice cream dish, and even better when you serve up scoops right inside them. San Francisco’s Garden Creamery has achieved a feat of physics and deliciousness by doing just that.

Actually named “chimney cones,” some look like some look like our favorite deep-fried, cinnamon-and-sugar-covered Mexican treat (who’s dying for a churro?), and some look more like classic glazed doughnuts. That means we can eat these for breakfast, right? Right?

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Photo by @blogtudoquemeinspira

If you live in San Francisco, lucky you! Head to their store on 20th Street and Lexington on Saturday afternoons between 2-4pm to grab one. If you don’t, we gathered some recipes below to get you started. May we suggest a doughnut sundae? Or a churro split?—hold the banana, just add churros!

Super Easy Doughnuts