Relishing Chutneys

Tangy chutneys are charming condiments for curries and roasted meats, perfectly piquant spreads for breads and lively pairing partners for cheeses.

Called “chatni” in India, these sweet and spicy relishes are often served as a condiment to add zing to blander foods like rice and breads. Chutneys are made with spices, vinegar, herbs, fruit and/or vegetables in countless configurations.

Regional Specialties

The sweet and spicy fruit chutneys popularized in the West are just one of many traditional varieties. Each region of India boasts its own specialties: walnut chutneys are cherished in Kashmir; coconut chutneys in the south; and tomato versions rule throughout India.

Fresh Tomato Chutney

Fresh Tomato Chutney | Photo by Meredith

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Major Mango

English colonizers brought chutneys from India back to Britain, where they evolved to suit English tastes. English styles are characterized by sweet pickled fruits cooked to the consistency of jam. Mango is the most popular by far.

Mango Chutney

Mango Chutney | Photo by SunFlower

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How to Make Spiced Apple Chutney

This chutney blows away regular apple sauce. Try it with pork chops, pork tenderloin, ham, or roast chicken or turkey. See how it’s done:

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Chutney in Main Dishes and Appetizers

Chutneys are amazing condiments for roasted meats, including pork, chicken, duck, and lamb. Try chutney in place of relish on hotdogs and hamburgers, too!

Grilled Lamb Burger

Grilled Lamb Burger | Photo by Meredith

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