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9 Cocktails All Day Drinkers Should Know About

1) Bailey's Sundae Coffee Drink


Starting the day off with a sweet coffee drink.


2) Tanning Bed Drink

Cocktails Designed For Day Drinking - Tanning Bed Drink

Photo by Snow Likes To Cook

While we don't recommend drinking in a tanning bed this refreshing bevy is super for before and after!


3) Blackberry Cream Soda


A little carbonation can make all the difference. This recipe gives you bubbles and a terrific berry taste!


4) Coconut Gin And Tonic


This refreshing cocktail is great as a mid-day drinking beverage.


5) Tequila Paloma


If tequila is your jam consider this sparkling punch—also a great alternative to a margarita.


6) Champagne Sangria Punch


This drink gets its sweetness from Riesling and its bubbles from Champagne—you add the fruit and you'll have your new favorite day drink!


7) Spicy Tequila Sunrise


Looking for an alterative to the typical bloody mary? Try this tequila drink on for size!


8) Cilantro Cooler


Sometimes you just want to indulge in a savory drink—this refreshing cooler will let you do just that.


9) Aperol Spritz


This drink is the perfect way to start off a day at the races or on a boat—light but full of flavor!


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