Cold Summer Soups

Cool summer soups are a refreshing addition to warm-weather menus.

Chef John's Gazpacho

Photo by jrbaker

Gazpacho and Tomato-Based Soup Recipes
The king of cold soups is gazpacho. This Spanish soup has multiple variations, but the most famous is the tomato-based gazpacho that originated in Andalucia. Modern versions can be made with tropical fruits, avocados, corn, and even watermelon.

Chef John's White Gazpacho

Photo by Chef John

Other Cold Vegetable Soups
Gazpacho and cucumber soups are classics–but vary your routine by drawing from the cuisines of other cultures.

Zucchini Soup I

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Vichyssoise Recipes
Vichyssoise is another cold savory soup that has enjoyed decades of popularity. It was created by a French chef, Louis Diat, at New York’s Ritz-Carlton Hotel in 1917. Made of pureed potatoes and leeks, and enriched with a swirl of cream before serving, vichyssoise is easy to prepare and makes any meal feel like a special occasion.

Fruit Soups
Refreshing fruit soups are a delightful way to begin or end a summer meal. Berry and stone fruit soups are traditional in Scandinavia and Eastern Europe. These soups are a perfect balance of sweet and tart flavors. Berry soups are often accented with a touch of wine and a splash of cream or sour cream. Fresh lemon juice is often used to brighten the flavors of the fruit. Garnish pureed soups with whole berries or sliced fruit and a dollop of creme fraiche or sour cream.

Mango Gazpacho

Photo by Grifo