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Creating and Editing Collections

Creating Collections

In  order to create a collection, log in to your account and go to your Favorites by clicking the heart to the left of your Display Name at the top of the page.

Choose Collections on the left hand side of the screen.


Select the box ‘Create a Collection’.


Give the collection a name e.g ‘Healthy Breakfasts’, and then add a description; e.g light and healthy breakfast recipes for the week.

New Collection_Name

Creating a Collection When Saving Recipe

To create a new collection from a Recipe Page, click the heart button on the recipe you want to save.

Enter in the new Collection name e.g Chocolate Desserts, click the Plus button, and then click ‘All done’.

CreateCollection_From Recipe

This recipe will now be saved into your new collection ‘Chocolate Desserts’.

Saving a New Recipe to a Collection

If you find a recipe you’d like to save into a collection you already have, click the heart on the recipe, and select the collection where you want to save it (e.g Healthy Breakfasts), then click ‘All done’. Your recipe is now saved into your collection.

Saving Recipes_From Recipe

Moving Saved Recipes into Collections

To save one of your Favorites to a Collection, go to the Collections area and click on the Collection into which you wish to add a recipe.



Once you’re in the collection, you’ll see your recipes as thumbnails across the top of the page.  Scroll right and your recipes will continue to show up.



Click on any recipes you wish to add.  Once you click the recipe, the thumbnail will be grayed out and the recipe will be added below.  Click All Done when you’re finished.



Additionally, you can click on the “+ Add to Collection” button that appears in your  Favorites to add your favorite recipes to a new collection or a collection that already exists


Edit Collections

If you want to edit a  collection, you can do so by clicking on the collection you want to edit.  You can remove recipes from the collection by clicking the X in the top right-hand corner of the recipe photo.

Clicking  Options that appears next to the “Share” arrow brings up more ways to edit your Collection. Edit the name and description of your collection through Edit Collection.  Click Delete Collection and remove it from your Favorites.   Please Note:  Deleting a collection will not remove the individual recipes from your Favorites.


Share Collections

Let friends and family know about your awesome Collection!  Click  Share to share your collection on social media.