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These Mojitos Break All the Rules

Watch out because everyone's going rogue, creating mojito recipes in all kinds of rule-breaking variations. And we love it. Here are some of our favorite fresh takes on this classic summer cocktail.

Rebel Move: Make a Big Batch

Easy Mojitos for a Crowd

Everyone loves mojitos, except for the person stuck behind the bar making them one at a time. Don't be that person. Instead, make a big pitcher of mojitos ahead of time for self-serve convenience. This recipe slashes prep time, too, by using a blender to make the mojito base.

Easy Mojitos for a Crowd

Photo by Allrecipes

Mojitos by the Pitcher

This variation of big-batch mojitos has you muddle the mint and sugar together just like you would if you were making mojitos one at a time, but in larger quantities.

Rebel Move: Put a Berry in It

Strawberry Mojito

Dare to add juicy ripe berries to the tried-and-true mojito formula of mint + lime + rum + fizzy water? Yes, please! Some strawberries are sweeter than others, so give this a taste-test and add sugar only as needed.


Strawberry Mojito

Photo by LashGal

Strawberry-Raspberry Mojito

Why stop at one kind of berry when you can add two? This one does, and so should you.

Fresh Raspberry Mojito

Break two rules at once by adding berries and raspberry vodka to the usual mix. This recipe also calls for simple syrup, which — like its name — is very simple to make.

Blackberry Mojito

You might as well toss out the mojito rule book altogether because this variation uses blackberries, lemon-lime soda, and vodka.

Rebel Move: The Year of the Cucumber

Basil-Cucumber Mojito

Cucumbers — they're just so hot right now. And refreshing enough to use in a mojito. DJSayaka went one step further and added basil, because sometimes she's just not feeling the mint.


Basil-Cucumber Mojito

Photo by Kim's Cooking Now!

Rebel Move: Fancy Bubbles

Bubbly Mojito

Club soda is usually the ingredient that adds the refreshing fizz to a mojito,  but this recipe uses champagne or sparkling wine to send tiny bubbles up your nose.


Bubbly Mojito

Photo by Meredith

Rebel Move: Grown-Up Slushies

Cocojito (Frozen Mojito)

Remember the slushies you slurped as a kid? Here's a high-octane version just for adults, brain-freeze and all.


Frozen Blended Mojito

Photo by Meredith

Craving The Classics?

The Real Mojito

Here it is, the recipe that inspired all the variations.


The Real Mojito

Photo by CClove's2bake



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