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Amazon Echo

How Do I Install The Allrecipes Skill?

Setting up the skill is easy!  Open the Alexa app on your device, find and enable the Allrecipes skill in your “Skills” section, link your Allrecipes account and ask away!

What Can I Do With The Allrecipes Skill?

You can use the skill almost the same way you use the site.  Here are just a few ways you can use it.

  • Search for new recipes
  • Save new recipes
  • Search your Favorites
  • Step by step cooking

You can find more information on our Alexa page.

What Phrases Should I Use?

To get the most out of your skill, try using these phrases:

To Open: “Alexa, open the Allrecipes skill.”

To Search: “Alexa, find me a pumpkin pie recipe.”

To Cook: “Alexa, start cooking.”

Find more phrases with our cheat sheet.

I Still Have Questions!

If you still have questions about the skill for the Amazon Echo, please contact Customer Support at or call us at 866.528.7784.