Are you a baker and a wordsmith? A home cook who is also a wordsmith? Welcome to Allrecipes Blogs! Your free Allrecipes membership now offers you the opportunity to write your very own blog.

Here’s how to get started:

1 – Log into your Allrecipes account and then click on your username at the top right corner of the page. One click and you’ll get to your blog.

2 – Now name your blog. Names count, so think of a special name or theme to identify your blog. The blog name might refer to topics you plan to write about, or could identify your favorite food category. You may want to search potential names to make sure no one else is using it. Once you decide, type the URL in the top box, and then type your blog’s name in the second box. Think hard before creating the URL name! You can’t change the name once you’ve chosen it and submitted it. (Don’t worry! All the other fields may be edited later!)



Choose a layout for your blog – the first column is pictures and text inline, the second is a more traditional picture, then text, then picture format.



Then add a tagline, to tell people about your blog! What will you be sharing?



Then you can tell us a little bit about yourself!



Once you’ve filled in all the fields, click ‘create’ in order to create your blog.



After creating your blog, click on your Blog Title to access your blog.  You can also click on your Display Name and choose Blog from the drop down menu.



Once you are within your blog, click on ‘new post’ to create to a blog post.



Give your post a little pizzazz and name it creatively!



You can also add a photo by clicking the image button at the top of your toolbar.

blog Post112

You can choose to upload a photo from your device or add the image via URL.

Add Image

The image is now at the top of your post. If you want the image to be a certain size or be in a certain position, click on the image to bring up the pencil icon, which will allow you to edit the photo
From there you can center/right/left align your photo. You can also change the size to Thumbnail, Medium, Full, or Custom Size. Your photo is now saved to your post.

blog post example


Underneath the photo, you can add text. You can make your post headings appear stronger by selecting the BOLD or ITALICS options Blog13

If you are writing a recipe, it helps to use Bullets or Numbering for the ingredients & directions Blog14

You can add links to other sources or recipes by using the Hyperlink button. Just fill in the URL you want to to link to and give the URL a name Blog15

You can also insert a table if you wish to convey information in a table format Blog16

If you prefer to view and edit your post in full screen, you can select ‘Full Screen’ view by selecting this button: Blog17

If you make a mistake with your text, you can select the Undo button to erase it Blog18

Once you’re finished editing your post, you can use the SpellCheck tool to check for any spelling mistakes Blog19

Before publishing your post, we recommend you add tags which are related to your post to make it easier to search – e.g., If you post about gluten-free chocolate cake, you can add tags such as ‘Gluten-free’, and “Chocolate’

If you are not completely finished with your post, you can always save the post as a draft to work on later

When you are happy with your post, just hit the orange Publish button

Your post will be sent to a moderator for approval. This can take up to 48 hours depending on when you published your post.