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Allrecipes Allstars Program


2016 Allstars Get Together


What is the Allrecipes Allstar Program?

Allrecipes has one of the world’s largest communities of enthusiastic home cooks, which makes our site the most visited food and lifestyle site on the Internet. In fact, in December 2015, 50 million home cooks visited the site in just one month! Our mission is to be an easy-to-use, efficient, and reliable everyday resource for recipes and cooking advice that busy home cooks can trust.

In June 2011, Allrecipes launched its Allrecipes Allstars Program—a voluntary brand ambassador program engaging more than 100 home cooks across the nation. The Allrecipes Allstars Program directly connects this special group of home cooks with other community members and the program’s coordinators while expanding their Allrecipes’ connections.

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Are you the next Allrecipes Allstar?

What does it take to become an Allrecipes Allstar? With more than 13 million loyal Allrecipes community members, membership qualifications were developed. These benchmarks include level of onsite participation, interest, and commitment. Here are some of the most important measures we evaluate when choosing members for the Allrecipes Allstars Program:

  • Membership—You must be an active, current member of Allrecipes.
  • Activity Level—You are actively and consistently rating and reviewing recipes, and uploading your gorgeous photos to the site. You also share recipes and photos with your friends on your social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, or blog).
  • Commitment—You must be able to commit to and fulfill assigned activities for the entire year of your Allrecipes Allstars Program assignment, completing at least one assignment a quarter.


Why wasn’t I selected as an Allrecipes Allstar?

We know you’re disappointed, but these criteria are what we look for in new members we consider as Allrecipes Allstars. Take a look and maybe you will try applying again? (There’s a waiting list, too!)

  • Member—Are you currently a registered member?
  • Contact Info and Email Filters—Are your contact information and email correct? Are your email filters blocking emails from Allrecipes? We may have tried to contact you, but received no response.
  • Waiting List—Due to overwhelming interest in the Allrecipes Allstars Program and due to limited space, we are unable to include everyone who has applied. Names are added to our waiting list for anyone willing to wait.
  • Location—At this time, our only Allstar program for residents of the United States. However, we are interested in hearing from international members interested in setting up a similar program. Feel free to contact us at!


What will be expected of me if I become an Allrecipes Allstar?

Choosing to become an Allrecipes Allstar is completely voluntary; there is no monetary reimbursement. In your Allstar role, you will have fun and be expected to fulfill the following:

  • Share—Complete monthly activities during your one-year assignment, which may include recipe development, food photos, social media sharing, testing kitchen equipment, and more exciting adventures.
  • Represent—Support the Allrecipes brand during seasonal events and participate in special campaigns with branded partners.
  • Chat—Spread the word about Allrecipes using various social channels such as Ask the Community, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and blogs.



Will I have any personal expenses as an Allrecipes Allstar?

Your only expenses as an Allrecipes Allstar will be purchasing ingredients needed in the recipes you choose to prepare. For some activities, a sponsor may provide some of the required ingredients.


Will I need to travel for the Allrecipes Allstar Program?

You will not be expected to travel as an Allrecipes Allstar. There may be some regional meetings, but these are usually instigated by a local Allstar. You can always choose whether or not you want to join the local group gathering.


What benefits will I have as an Allrecipes Allstar?

As an Allstar, you will experience an exciting behind-the-scenes of the largest food- focused social media site, plus enjoy all these extra perks:

  • Sneak Peeks—Be first to have introductions to Allrecipes’ newest features and products, as well as participate in select Allrecipes initiatives.
  • Megaphone—Share your feedback about new programs and site features with decision makers at Allrecipes.
  • Try Products—Connect and engage with best-loved food and consumer brands.
  • Teamwork—Discover and connect with cooks in your region and across the country who share similar interests.
  • Read All About It—Receive an exclusive bi-monthly newsletter featuring the upcoming month’s activities, tips and tricks, a behind-the-scenes look into Allrecipes, and other valuable information.

If you have any  questions about the Allrecipes Allstars Program, please contact us at