Allrecipes Allstars Program


What is the Allrecipes Allstar Program? has one of the largest communities of actively engaged home cooks in the world and one of the most heavily trafficked food and lifestyle sites on the internet. Our mission is to provide easy, efficient, and reliable everyday resources of recipes and cooking advice that busy home cooks can trust.

In June 2011, launched the Allrecipes Allstars—our voluntary brand ambassador program with more than 100 home cooks across the nation. The Allrecipes Allstars Program allows cooks to directly connect with other community members and the program coordinators while furthering engagement on To learn more about the Allrecipes Allstars Program, view the article page here.


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How are the Allrecipes Allstars chosen?

With more than 7 million loyal Allrecipes community members, predetermined criteria were created. This is based on level of onsite participation, interest, and commitment. If you are interested in joining the Allrecipes Allstars Program, please take a few minutes to complete this survey so we can learn more about you. We look for the following when choosing members for the Allrecipes Allstars Program:

  • Membership—You must be a current member of
  • Criteria—Members who are actively rating, reviewing, and uploading photos to the site and love sharing them with their personal networks (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, blog, or the Buzz).
  • Commitment—You must be able to commit to the full six months of the Allrecipes Allstars Program.


How can I become an Allrecipes Allstar?

To become an Allrecipes Allstar please take a few minutes to complete and submit this survey so we can learn more about you. To learn more about the Allrecipes Allstars Program, view the article page here. We appreciate your interest in the program and are excited to meet members of the community who would like to have a greater engagement with us!

Why wasn’t I chosen to be an Allrecipes Allstar?

The following criteria must be met for consideration to become an Allrecipes Allstars:

  • Member—Are you currently a registered member?
  • Contact Info and Email Filters—Is your contact information and email correct? Are your email filters blocking our emails? We might have tried to contact you, but received no response.
  • Waiting List—Due to the overwhelming interest in the Allrecipes Allstars Program and limited space, we are unable to include everyone who has applied. Names are added to our waiting list for those who are willing to wait.
  • Location—At this time, we only offer a program for residents of the United States. However, we are interested in hearing from international members if they are interested in a similar program.


What are the requirements of the Allrecipes Allstars?

An Allrecipes Allstar is a completely voluntary position and you must be able to fulfill the following:

  • Share—Complete activities each month during your six-month tenure.
  • Represent—Support the brand during seasonal events and participate in campaigns with branded partners.
  • Chat—Spread the word about through the Buzz, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and blogs.


What are the expenses to be in the Allrecipes Allstars Program?

The only expenses associated with becoming an Allrecipes Allstar are for the ingredients needed in the recipes you choose to prepare.

Will there be travel involved in the Brand Ambassador Program?

Travel is not required.

What will I get for becoming an Allrecipes Allstar?

This will be an opportunity to see behind the scenes of the largest food website in the world, as well as:

  • Sneak Peeks—Firsthand insights into Allrecipes newest features and products, as well as participation in Allrecipes initiatives.
  • Megaphone—The ability to be heard by sharing your feedback with
  • Try Products—Connect and engage with best-loved brands.
  • Teamwork—Engage and connect with cooks in your region and across the country that have similar interests.
  • Read All About It—Receive a monthly newsletter featuring upcoming month’s activities, tips and tricks, a behind-the-scenes look into Allrecipes, and other great information.

If you have any additional questions about the Allrecipes Allstars Program, please contact us at