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Cooking Questions



How do I find professional resources, helpful tips and reliable information on Allrecipes to help me become more successful as a cook?

Allrecipes’ staff has written and compiled hundreds of helpful articles to inspire you and help you become a confident and successful home cook. Topics range from how to cook a turkey and the most loved meatloaf recipes, to common ingredient substitutions and what to do with all that fresh and fragrant farmers market produce.  You can find this information in three easy ways:

  • Visit the Articles & Tips section of the site, which you’ll find by clicking the 3 gray bars at the top right corner of any Allrecipes page. Once the Articles & Tips section opens, you can browse to find the topic you’d like to learn about using the Article Search on the right side of the page.


  • Articles will also show up when you do a recipe keyword search at the top of the page.


  • When you’re on a recipe page, you will also see similar content below the Directions and Share information.  Click Articles to find related information.



How do I ask the Allrecipes community about my cooking question?

Allrecipes is made up of an amazing community of cooks, which means you’re almost guaranteed someone will have a good answer. You can post a question for this cooking community by clicking on the Ask the Community link on the drop down menu when you click the 3 grey bars on the top right of any page.

To find out if your question has been answered, view your request in Ask the Community.