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Finding Recipes



Browsing for recipes

Right as you load the front page of Allrecipes, you’ll be able to see your Feed. The Feed will show you trending recipes, recipes similar to recipes in your Favorites and recipes people you follow have saved to their Favorites. 

You may also find recipes using the Browse button at the top of the page.



Recipe Search

Allrecipes wants to make it as easy as possible for you to find what you are looking for, so we have created several ways to search for recipes to ensure that you do! You can use the search field at the top of any page to perform any of the searches listed below:

Search:On any page, enter your search term into the quick search bar at the top of the page. You will be taken to results for that search term, which will include many delicious recipes!


Ingredient Search:Search for recipes that contain the ingredients you want! Click on the words Ingredient Search at the top of any page. After clicking Ingredient Search you will be taken to a form where you can enter up to four ingredients that you would like to include and also up to four ingredients you would like to exclude. Be sure to click the plus or minus after each ingredient.  Click on the spy glass icon after entering all the ingredients you are looking to include and exclude to see your results.


Note: You can also conveniently view all types of searches as soon as you search for a term to the left of the search results.


Recipes for special dietary requirements and healthy cooking has recipe collections for every special diet, and ways to filter your search for recipes that will fit your lifestyle. Click the “Browse Recipes” button to the right of the search bar. Click Healthy under Diet & Health to be taken to a page with collections for special diets and healthy lifestyles. You can also click directly on the Recipes menu at the top of any page.


Recipe of the Day

Each section of—including the homepage, has a daily recipe. To see these, navigate to the recipe collections by choosing the collection in the Browse menu drop-down options. You can view the Recipe of the Day for sub-collections as well. For example, if you select Breakfast and Brunch recipes, you can then see the Recipe of the Day for the sub-collections of Breakfast Eggs, Breakfast Drinks, and Pancakes! Eat up!


Recipes no longer on the site

While we always have member recipes on the site, we also partner with trusted brands to offer their recipes on the site for certain periods of time. If you see a recipe that has been submitted by a food company that you may want to use again, save that recipe to your Favorites, or print it for future use.



I can’t submit an image from search results.

Clicking on the recipe title will land you on the recipe page where you can then click on the Camera icon that appears to the bottom right of the recipe photo. So, keep going—we love seeing what our cooks in the field come up with! You can view our Photo Guidelines by clicking here.