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Recipe page

Where do I sign in as an Allrecipes member?

Access your Allrecipes account by clicking on orange “Sign In” button at the top right of the Allrecipes page in the gray toolbar. Once you have signed in, you can add recipes to your Favorites and post ratings and reviews.

If the button reads “Create a Profile” click this, then select “Already a Member? Sign in.”


How do I print a recipe?

Printing directly from any recipe page is easy. Simply click on the print button located directly underneath the ingredients list or on the “Print” button that appears directly underneath the recipe picture.


You will then be taken to a Print Preview Page.

  1. If you’re an Allrecipes Pro member, you can customize your printed recipe by selecting the Options gear icon. Customize your printed recipes with the following:
    • Add a Custom Recipe Headline
    • Choose Print Size (recipe card size, font size etc.)
    • Choose a Photo
    • Pick a Graphic Theme
    • Pick a Color
    • Pick a Font
    • Add nutritional information
    • Add user reviews
  2. Select Print.


How do I upload a photo of the recipe after I have made it?

From the recipe page, click the photo link underneath the Recipe Title.

From there, you’ll be able to submit your own photo of the completed recipe by clicking on Add your photo on the right side of the page. You can also click Add a photo in the I made it! pop-up from the main recipe page.  

  • Before you begin, make sure the photo you want to upload is already on your computer hard drive.
  • Select the photo on your computer and click open.
  • Now you can add a caption or description then select Post Photo to upload the photo.

Please note that the photo:

  • must be in the format of either a jpg/jpeg, gif, or png
  • must not exceed 20 MB
  • must be no smaller than 960 pixels x 960 pixels

To edit, view or delete your photo, select the My Photos tab. Select the photo and then click on the down arrow to delete photo, edit description or make the photo your profile photo.


How can I review and rate recipes?

Share your valuable opinion (and great sense of taste!) by rating and reviewing a recipe. The ratings and reviews on Allrecipes are a valuable resource to our community. Does the recipe get raves—or is it never made again? Your opinion counts. Our staff monitors reviews on a daily basis. NOTE: You must be a registered Allrecipes member in order to review and rate a recipe. Here’s how:

  1. Find the Rate It box under the recipe photos or the Rate and review box below the recipes Directions. Select your star rating.
  2. Rate and review the recipe using the following guidelines*:
    • Make and taste the recipe before you review or rate it.
    • Keep reviews focused on the cooking and eating experience.
    • Don’t add links to other sites.
    • Don’t add comments about other reviewers.
    • Be specific. Good reviews are great. And bad reviews are just as valuable. Just make sure you use appropriate language. If you encounter an inappropriate review, please report it to Community Support.

*Please note: Inappropriate reviews or reviews that do not fit in to the specified guidelines WILL be edited for content or removed from our site at our discretion.


How do I save a recipe to my Favorites?

Click orange SAVE button in the gray banner below the recipe description on the recipe page. This will change the button to gray with an orange heart indicating that the recipe is saved to your favorites. If you are not signed in, you will be prompted to do so.


Can I customize and save a recipe?

You can no longer customize a saved recipe. However if you did customize a recipe in the past, you will still have access to these recipes. You will find them in Personal Recipes.

How do I add a recipe to my Shopping List?

  • Like saving a recipe to your Favorites, you can save a recipe to a shopping list.
    • Be sure you are logged into your Allrecipes account, and click on the add all ingredients to list located at the end of the ingredients list on the recipes page.
    • Alternatively, you can also add individual ingredients in a recipe to your Shopping List by clicking the plus button next to each ingredient.
    • To view your saved shopping list, select Shopping list from the gray and white drop down arrow located next to your username.
    •       shopping ist
    • From the shopping list page you manage and edit the recipes and ingredients.
    • To remove an individual ingredient or a recipe from your shopping list click on the pencil icon. Then select the red arrow next to the ingredient you wish to delete. Or on the recipe itself to remove all of the ingredients included in that recipe.

editing shopping list



How do I add and view personal notes on a recipe?

To add personal notes to a saved recipe, click the Add a Note button to the left of the Directions header.  You can view personal notes beside the pencil icon underneath the Recipe Directions.


Can I adjust the number of servings a recipe will make?

The recipe scaling tool is underneath the recipe photo on the recipe page. To access the scaling tool, click on the Pie Chart symbol next to the recipe yield.


Simply enter the number of servings you want to make and click Adjust. Please note changing the number of servings changes only the amounts in the ingredient list; it does not change anything in the recipe directions.


How do I change the recipe to show metric measurements?

The metric conversion tool is next to the recipe scaling tool. To access the metric conversion tool, click on pie chart symbol next to the recipe yield. Simply select Metric and click Adjust. Please note converting to metric measurements changes only the amounts in the ingredient list; it does not change anything in the directions.


How do I find nutrition information?

Nutrition information is below the recipe photo on a recipe page. Select the bar chart symbol below the photo to expand the nutrition information and read more detailed nutrition info.


*Please keep in mind nutrition information is per serving, and is not recalculated once you change servings of a recipe.


What is the difference between a Kitchen-Approved and a Public Recipe?

All recipes are great recipes!

Kitchen-Approved recipes are recipes from our members that have passed through our editorial process; they have been put into our format and database, and their nutrition information has been calculated by our cooking experts.

Public Recipes are recipes from members which have not gone through the Allrecipes editorial process. In many cases, they have not been reviewed by Allrecipes staff.


How do I email a recipe?

Click on the Email button underneath the Recipe Directions. You can email Kitchen-Approved, or public recipes. You must be signed in to your account in order to e-mail recipes.


Input your friend’s email, your name as you would like it to appear, and your email address, as well as a personal note.

The email address you enter will not be stored, and will be used only to send the recipe email. For more information regarding our privacy policy, click here.


How do I share a recipe on Facebook?

Click the Facebook icon underneath the Recipe Directions.

Be sure to include a comment so your friends will know how much you loved the recipe!


How do I share a recipe on Pinterest?

Click the Pin Pinterest icon to pin the recipe to your pin board on Pinterest.


How do I share a recipe on Google Plus?

Click the g+ icon to share the recipe on Google Plus.


How do I share a recipe on Twitter?

Click the Tweet button at the top of the recipe page.



How do I view all of the member reviews?

Underneath the recipe, there will be a number beside the word Reviews which indicates the number of reviews. Select any of the reviews, and click Read more. When you select Read more to read the whole review, you will be able to scroll through all the reviews using the white arrows.


How do I sort reviews?

Once you have clicked through to a review page, you have the option of sorting the reviews. They can be sorted by most helpful (which is the default way they are sorted), most positive, least positive or newest.