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Favorites & Collections

You’ll find all your saved recipes, and any folders you created, in your Favorites.

To find your Favorites, go ahead and click on the Heart icon that appears on the top of the page, to the left of your username!



You can view your full list of saved recipes by clicking the Recipes sub-header.  You can sort your recipes by Newest, Title, and Rating.  Please Note:  The Sort By function will always default back to Newest every time you visit the page.



You can also view your recipes by Collection.  Click the Collections sub-header and sort by Newest or Title.



Saving Recipes

You can save any recipe on Allrecipes to your Favorites by clicking on the heart icon that appears at the upper right of any recipe picture.


On the recipe page, you have two options when saving a recipe.  The heart in the recipe photo or the orange Save button below the recipe description.


If the heart icon is already orange, you’re all set – that recipe is already in your Favorites!

You can add a recipe from your Favorites easily to collections now by clicking the “+ Add to Collection” button on any recipes in your Favorites


Once you click on the “+ Add to Collection” button, you’ll be prompted to add that recipe to an existing collection or create a brand new one!

Removing Recipes from Favorites

From your Favorites page, click on the heart icon in the photo of the recipe that is to be removed. This will gray out the circle around the heart and a recipe removal confirmation message will appear.