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Nutritional Information

How do I find nutrition information?

Nutrition information is below the recipe photo on a recipe page. Select the bar chart symbol below the photo to expand the nutrition information and read more detailed nutrition info.


*Please keep in mind nutrition information is per serving, and is not recalculated once you change servings of a recipe.

About the Nutritional Information Pages

Nutrition Analyses Based on Premier Databases
Allrecipes is proud to provide ESHA Research’s nutrient databases for recipe nutrition analysis. ESHA Research is the premier nutrition analysis provider for the world’s nutrition and health industries, having provided nutrient information to health care providers and the world’s top food manufacturing firms for more than 15 years. Their nutrient databases total more than 22,000 foods, track 165 nutrient factors and combine nutrient data from over 1,200 scientific sources of information. For more information about ESHA Research, please visit their website at

Using Allrecipes Information with Care
Allrecipes is committed to providing recipe-based nutritional information so that individuals may, by choice or under a doctor’s advice, adhere to specific dietary requirements and make healthful recipe choices. The nutrition values that appear on Allrecipes Nutrition pages are based on individual recipe ingredients. If a nutrient value is not available at this time, you will see a (-) sign next to the nutrient name. While we have taken the utmost care in providing you with the most accurate nutritional values possible, please note that this information is not intended for medical nutrition therapy. If you are following a strict diet for medical or dietary reasons, it is important that you, first, consult your physician or registered dietitian before planning your meals based on recipes at Allrecipes, and second, remain under appropriate medical supervision while using the nutrition information at Allrecipes.

For detailed information regarding the benefits your family can enjoy by simply adhering to a healthy diet, please refer to the organizations listed below: