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Submit your Recipes!

Do you have a wonderful recipe that you’d like to share? We would love for you to upload it for the Allrecipes Community! 

To submit your tasty recipe, please select Favorites from the pull down menu under your username on the top right of the page:


Selecting Personal Recipes will bring you to a collection of any recipes you have created beforehand or customized in the past. To submit a new recipe, click on the gray Add a Recipe box:




Once you select Add a Recipe, you’ll be able to add information for your own recipe!

You can name your recipe, add a photo, give prep & cook times, put an eye-catching description, list the ingredients & directions, and offer the time the recipe will be ready in, how many servings the recipe makes, and how much the recipe yields.

Recipe Submission


Lastly, if you’d like this recipe to just be your recipe, you can select Private Recipe from the three options on the bottom of the submission page. If you’re okay with anyone on Allrecipes to see your recipe, you can select Public Recipe. You can also submit your recipe to become a Kitchen Approved Recipe (terms and conditions) that will allow our Editorial team to review for reliability, allow all members to access the recipe, and add Nutrition, Scaling, and other tools that are only available to Kitchen Approved recipes.

Once you save your recipe, you can find it in Personal Recipes.

For tips on submitting recipes, check out this article:

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