Tastes: Personalize Your Feed!

With your Allrecipes.com membership, you can now personalize your front page Feed through Taste Preferences!

How do I edit Tastes?

Customizing your Feed is easy!  You’re just a few clicks away from a personalized Allrecipes.com experience.

There are two ways to get to your Tastes page:  Via the Allrecipes.com homepage and your Favorites.

On our homepage, you can click the “Edit taste preferences” button above your Feed.

If you’re in your Favorites, click the Gear button and Tastes.

What preferences can I choose?

Once you get to your Taste Preferences, you can select the categories you’d like to see on your Personal Feed.

Click Save and then Take Me to My Recommendation to see your new, personalized Feed!  Try a few different combinations to see which one you like best!

How do I know which recipes were selected based on my Tastes?

In your new Feed, you’ll see those new recipes with a tag for the Taste preference you selected.

I’m a vegetarian.  Why am I seeing meat dishes in my Feed?

The Recipe of the Day and recipes saved by cooks you follow will continue to show up in your Feed.  These will not be affected by your Tastes.