You’ve Got Friends!

Find more food inspiration by following friends, other cooks, and brands! 


Where can I see who I’m following and who’s following me?

To see your Friends or invite them to join, simply click on the down arrow next to your username at the top right of the page and select Friends.


You can also select Friends from your Favorites menu!

From here, you can see how many people you’re following, how many followers you have, find new food inspirations, and invite your friends and family to use Allrecipes!

Why do I want to connect my account to Facebook?

You can also connect your account to Facebook to automatically follow your friends who already have Allrecipes accounts.


Why should I follow other cooks?

Following other cooks and brands provides you with more cooking inspiration because it lets you see what they’re saving and cooking on the site!  You can see their activity in your Notifications and on your Personal Feed.



Get out there and make some food-minded friends!