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10 Cute and Easy Themed Bento Lunches for Little Ones

Time for some new ideas for your kids lunch box? Our Allrecipeeps have been busy creating new bento box recipes. These themed lunches contain easy recipes like tuna and egg salad, chicken and bean dip, and sandwiches, that are all dressed up with cookie-cutter veggies and easy fruit kababs. There are some wonderful ideas here, and all the recipes are surprisingly simple. So, if you're hoping to entice your kids to eat more fruit and veggies, and put a smile on their little faces, these recipes are a great way to start.

1. First Aid Lunch Kit

This clever lunch box features edible rolls of gauze made with fruit roll-ups, bandages made from whole-wheat tortillas, as well as a delicious  chicken salad! It's easy to put together, with the plastic stethoscope entirely optional of course.


First Aid Lunch Kit

Photo by bd.weld

2. Baby Bells with Chicken Salad

Baby bell peppers stuffed with chicken salad and served with cherries and cottage cheese dip makes for a healthyish, low-carb lunch that looks enticing.


Baby Bells with Chicken Salad

Photo by bd.weld

3. Stars and Flowers

Make your tortilla sandwiches a little more interesting by using a cookie-cutter to make edible stars and flowers. Serve with some baby carrots, celery, olives, and a sweet nut mix. If your kid is not a fan of olives, swap them out for some grapes, and if you've got a nut ban in school make your own trail mix with some mini pretzels and dried fruit.


Stars and Flowers

Photo by bd.weld

4. Kid Approved Bento Toolbox Lunch

Make nutritious veggies and dip look exciting with the addiction of a small toy dump truck! Serve with some apple and peanut pinwheels. Feel free to use sunflower butter if you want avoid peanuts.


Kid Approved Bento Toolbox Lunch

Photo by bd.weld

5. Tiffin on the Greens

In India, a child's lunch is often served in a tiffin box, which like a bento box has different compartments for the meal. This fresh tasting lunch is composed of a ham and spinach sandwich, a dressed green salad, and a creamy grape dessert.


Tiffin on the Greens

Photo by bd.weld

6. Southwest Chicken Salad Bento Box

This chicken and bean dip is packed with protein, and is divine served with tortilla chips, fresh fruit, and some irresistable Urban Legend Chocolate Chip Cookies.


Southwest Chicken Salad Bento Box

Photo by ~*MyHotSouthernMess*~

7. Oceans of Fun Bento

Want to get kids interested in seaweed and spinach? Try this ocean themed lunch with fish crackers and cauliflower coral.


Oceans of Fun Bento

Photo by Soup Loving Nicole

8. Kid's Turkey and Cream Cheese Spread Bento Box

These adorable Cream Cheese Penguins together with some crackers, homemade sandwich spread, fruit and veggies is creative and delicious.


Kid's Turkey and Cream Cheese Spread Bento Box

Photo by Lela

9. Tuna Egg Salad Bento Box

Liven up a tuna salad with the addition of cookie cutter veggies and a fruit kebab.


Tuna Egg Salad Bento Box

Photo by Lela

10. Simply Southern Bento Box

Deviled eggs, cheese dip, and a creamy cucumber salad make up this simple lunch.


Simply Southern Bento Box

Photo by ~*MyHotSouthernMess*~

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