7 Cute and Easy Valentine’s Day Treats

The best gift you can give your loved one this Valentine’s Day is something home-made and delicious. It shows you really care, and spent time picking out just the right recipe and making it exactly the way they like it.

It may sound like a daunting task, but we have lots of super easy recipes that look completely adorable and will melt your lover’s heart. I’ve picked out 7 simple recipes that are fun to make — and will make you the most thoughtful Valentine this year.

1. Strawberry Heart Bark

Heart bark

Photo by Vicky McDonald

Chocolate bark is not just for Christmas, it also makes a sweet Valentine’s Day gift. Simply melt some chocolate and swirl it together to create a pretty patterned bark. Scatter some love-heart candies, dried strawberries and sprinkles on top, and you’ve a gift that’s cuter than anything you’ll buy at a store.

2. Chocolate Truffle Cookies

Chocolate Truffle Cookies

Photo by Dianne

“Decadent,” “easy,” “to die for,” and “a hit with the ladies,” are just some of the comments on these cookies. If you’ve a chocoholic in your life, you need to make these cookies for them.

3. Stuffed Strawberries

Photo by CC<3's2bake

Stuffed Strawberries

If your darling one adores strawberry cheesecake, but you don’t have time to make one, these stuffed strawberries will do the trick. They’re a cinch to make, and look fancy and luscious.

4. White Chocolate and Cranberry Cookies

White Chocolate and Cranberry Cookies

Photo by Angiecooks

If your sweetie loves to keep things simple, you can’t go wrong with these classic cranberry and white chocolate cookies.

5. Lemon Brownies

Lemon Brownies

Photo by Marianne

Heart-shaped lemon brownies are something just a little different, and the perfect treat for the lemon-lover in your life.

6. White Chocolate Fondue

White Chocolate Fondue

Photo by Allrecipes

Treat your Valentine to a whole bowl of melted, creamy chocolate with lots of dipping fruits and pretzels. It’s a great way to enjoy dessert together.

7. Salted Dark Chocolate Hazelnut Truffles

Salted Dark Chocolate Hazelnut Truffles

Photo by Matt Wencl

If you’re sweetheart is nuts about nuts, they’ll love these sweet and nutty truffles. Present them in a pretty bag/box and you’ll win their heart.


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