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The Definitive Guide to Snow Ice Cream

When life hands you a load of snow, it's time to make snow cream. Here's how to make ice cream with snow!


Snow Ice Cream II

Snow Ice Cream II | Photo by DLW

How to Make Snow Ice Cream

Step 1: Know when to collect your snow

"My dad always said we had to wait until there was at least 2 and 1/2 feet of snow already on the ground with more coming steadily because then we knew the snow was clean. I can count on one hand the number of times the snow was clean enough to make snow ice cream. It's almost worth moving to a part of the country that gets more snow because boy is it good stuff!" — SUZYL

In Western Washington state, where we're lucky to get six inches of snow in winter, we make a point to get out when the snow is fresh and new—before the chickadees and squirrels visit. We use a clean mixing bowl or large pan for snow gathering, or place a large pan outside to catch it as it falls. And, as the old adage says, don't eat yellow snow! Still concerned about contaminants? Check out this piece from NPR. Then, get back to business.

Snow Ice Cream

Snow Ice Cream II | Photo by Melissa Goff


Step 2: Measure your other ingredients

That's the thing about snow: it melts! Have your snow ice cream ingredients ready so you can move quickly once the snow is inside your toasty kitchen.

Step 3: Combine your ingredients

Sprinkle that sugar, pour that condensed milk, stir, and enjoy! That's really all there is to it.

"Snow ice cream is not about creamy, gourmet ice cream. It's about gathering snow together in-between making snow angels and snowball fights, celebrating winter, and making memories. Today, we made a memory. Thank you!" — DKBECK

That said, you can knock yourself out and make it super pretty, too.

VIDEO: How to Make Snow Ice Cream


Snow Ice Cream Recipes to Try

  • Snow Ice Cream I "This was a holiday tradition with my father." DAVID PORTER
  • Snow Ice Cream II (VIDEO) "I have fond memories of my mom making this for us as a child. And now I get to make it for my 3-year-old." — Lil'MadSavy
  • Mema's Snow Ice Cream "My husband's Mema used to make this for him and his sister when they were kids." Amanda Cheatham-Hurd
  • Chocolate Snow Ice Cream "Fantastic and my kids went crazy!"  jrbaker
  • Snow Angel Ice Cream "Let the kids help as much as you can stand, because the little mess will be outweighed by the amazing memories you're making!" — tsandiltz

Snow Ice Cream Variations

Snowed in? Here's how to make your own version of condensed milk at home if you can't get to the store.
Live somewhere with no snow? Try this version with your ice cream maker.
Can't do dairy? Try Non-Dairy Snow Ice Cream "Use soy milk, almond milk,or dairy milk, and your preferred sweetener." — ShelbieT142


Chocolate Snow Ice Cream

Chocolate Snow Ice Cream | Photo by Jennifer Baker

Happy #SnowDay!


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