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How to Dice Tomatoes

A simple 3-step tutorial for dicing tomatoes. Apply this method to anything you want to cut into cubes quickly and with little mess.

Diced Tomatoes in Ramekin

Photo by Meredith

1) First, wash and remove any stickers from your tomato.

2) Cut the tomato into slices. Use a serrated kitchen knife or a very sharp straight-edged knife for slicing. Take care that the slices are the same thickness. If you want a very small dice of tomato, make the slices close together.

Sliced tomato on cutting board

Photo by Meredith

3) Arrange the tomatoes next to each other, or stacked on top of each other. Slice them into strips. Now slice the tomato into a same-size dice. You will notice how little juice there is.

Diced Tomatoes

Photo by Meredith

Want to make tomato sauce with fresh tomatoes? Here's how to peel, seed, and dice fresh tomatoes for smooth, never-bitter tomato sauces:

VIDEO: How to Peel, Seed, and Dice Tomatoes




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