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Holiday Appetizers Worth Celebrating on Dinner Spinner TV, Episode 8

Holiday celebrations are all about gathering with friends and family and eating wonderful food, right? On Episode 8 of Dinner Spinner TV, creative home cooks Lauren and Holly pull out all the stops to impress the judges with clever appetizers featuring whole grains, a challenge selected from the Allrecipes Dinner Spinner app.

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Lauren, a real estate agent and mom of two, has a tradition of serving up a big family dinner every Sunday night, and her colorful preparation of Pesto Polenta Bites is certainly a celebration of bold flavors that appeal to almost everyone. A generous squeeze of lemon juice in the basil pesto grabbed the judge's attention, as well as the gorgeous presentation featuring Christmas colors.

Holly, a web developer and author of the blog, From My Impossibly Tiny Kitchen also chooses to showcase ground corn in her holiday appetizer, but goes for a Southern fave with a beefed-up cornbread. The addition of shrimp, jalapeno peppers and Creole seasoning brought home the trip down South, where Holly discovered the spicy seasoning mix that's key to this hearty, eat-it-with-a-fork starter. Oh, and here's a little shrimp trivia: Americans eat more than 1 billion pounds of it annually!

Selecting a winner in this tight race is particularly challenging, as the cornbread and polenta both speak to judges Ali Landry and Allrecipes' Allstar Jamie Yost's Southern roots, along with Allrecipes' Alli Shircliff. All judges agreed that the love each cook put in their dish came shining through.

Who won? Watch the episode to find out! Check local listings for times on the CW’s One Magnificent Morning.

Do you agree with the judges’ decision? “Favorite” the recipe you like best. We’ll tally up the Allrecipes community’s favorites, ratings, and reviews to determine the “viewer’s choice” award!

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