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Who Will Win the Breakfast Battle of the Bros? Find Out in Episode 3

In this week's Dinner Spinner TV cooking clash, two men take bacon love to a new level. The Battle o' Breakfast rules? Make a meal for a crowd .. using pork ... in less than :45 minutes.

Besides doubling down on breakfast meats, this week's two recipes have something else in common: Super Cool Use of Carbs. Want something weird to serve breakfast on? We gotchu.

Cliff smeared pitas with bacon grease before toasting and using as a base for a big breakfast pile. It's a Greek-inspired feast, complete with sausage, bacon, egg, and tzatziki sauce. Yum!

Greek Breakfast Pita 2

I'll have you know there are vegetables involved

Vincent grew up in France, so tunneling out a loaf of French country bread and using it as a breakfast receptacle makes all kinds of sense. Bite into this beauty and taste the spinach, bacon, eggs, cream, and cheese. Très magnifique!

Country Eggs and Bacon

This one's mine.

Despite carby excellence, only one of these dishes is the Dinner Spinner Winner. One of these home cooks went home without the élégant trophy. Which one?

[gallery columns="2" size="full" ids="2628958,2628959"]

Do you agree with the judges’ decision? Try making these recipes this week and “favorite” the one you like best, then post a rating based on your thoughts. We’ll tally up the Allrecipes community’s favorites, ratings, and reviews to determine the “viewer’s choice” award!

Cliff's Greek Breakfast Pitas

Vincent's Country Bacon and Eggs





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