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Donut Walls Are the Hot New Wedding Trend

Move over, cake pops. Give it a rest, fill-your-own candy boxes. There's a new self-serve treat display popping up at all the trendiest weddings, and it's nothing less than a wall of wow.

Behold, the Donut Wall

Wedding-planner pros and DIYers alike are going nuts for grids of donuts (and doughnuts, if you insist) displayed on everything from beautifully embellished wooden boards... spray-painted pegboards. If you want to make one for your next birthday/shower/brunch/launch party/gender reveal/whatever, Jordan over at Oh Happy Day offers constructive advice for this pretty-in-pink pegboard:

Or, you can do a donut wall with shelves instead of pegs:

And just think of all the opportunities for punning fun:

So go on and...


DIY Donuts

Just in case you want to go full-Martha and load your donut wall with lovingly hand-crafted donuts, we've got a bakery's worth of doughnut recipes for you to choose from, including these Glazed Yeast Doughnuts:

Glazed Yeast Doughnuts

Photo by hannah

Need some doughnut-making tips? We've got you covered.

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